G LAB Design Fidelity BLOCK amplifier

G LAB Design Fidelity BLOCK amplifier is a unique creation. A juxtaposition of the contemporary design and tubes tech. BLOCK amplifier radiate with a unique aura, that combine Bauhaus and early 20 century design cues, correlating closely with the modern minimalistic aesthetic language. Certainly a statement and a monumental product standing on its own.

G LAB Design team really took their product seriously. From the packaging, manual, and the amplifier itself. Everything “screams” quality with remarkable attention to the details. 

This is how every high-end product should be packed and presented. Manual is a greatly designed and understandable and clearly reminds me off Nagra dedication to details.

In this day and age such approach should be mandatory. Any high-end audio equipment paraphernalia should be of such quality. Refreshing change! Look and learn competition!

For now few hands on photos with more coming soon…