Graham Audio Announces US Distributor for BBC Licensed loudspeakers

Graham Audio is pleased to announce the appointment of Graham Audio USA as exclusive distributors for Graham Audio products in the USA.

Graham Audio produces a range of BBC licensed products which includes the LS5/8, the LS5/9 (grade A monitors), as well as our own bespoke designs produced for the Royal Opera House Covent Garden.  Future products will include the LS3/5a, the never commercially available LS3/5 loudspeakers and a range of amplifiers which are also secured by license.

Working with the legendary speaker designer Derek Hughes, we set up the company three years ago to manufacture classic BBC designed products, brought up to date with the finest construction techniques and modern materials, whilst still honoring the original ethics and sound quality developed by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Graham Audio purchased the iconic  Chartwell, Swisstone and Dynatron brands and a forthcoming Chartwell LS3/5 is due for release in October 2015. Other exciting products from these brands, including the JR 149, will be following in the near future.

In our 16th century South Devon facility in England, Graham Audio hand build and test their products. All materials and components are of the highest quality and drawn only from Britain and France. 

Having been awarded BBC licenses for our products, the speakers build and design qualities are overseen by BBC engineers. All our speakers are tested and matched in accordance with the BBC specifications and approval. This ensures the BBC’s worldwide reputation and standards are maintained to the highest level.

Graham Audio has achieved significant sales of their BBC licensed speakers in over twenty five countries and are pleased to be working with Graham Audio USA to bring the full BBC licensed range to the USA for the first time.