More DSD, PCM ad high res digital audio intriguing facts

More insights from Trinity Audio’s CEO Dietmar regarding the digital audio and formats: 

Just one note about the formats, even if you download a Flac file from HDtrack for instance you cannot be sure that this is real a native PCM file. I have mentioned it earlier in this blog for instance the Muddy Water Folk Singer is based on DSD Equipment during the AD process and was later transferred to PCM for HDtrack.

What a shame since the original master tape was for sure an analog master since at that time we had not digital recording equipment.

Enclosed an analyzed tracked from this download. No Information above 22kHz, but a lot of sampling noise.

and here the same track, but this time from the HDAD from Classic Records. both tracks come as 192kHz/24bit tracks.

So we should not blame the PCM Format. The Format is technical speaking excellent, but it hurts me to see how some recording engineers use this Format and if you now consider in Addition the so called "loudness war" (more can be found here: where all the recording were compressed in their dynamic range just to Sound loud, than I would agree to say it is not given that PCM is the better Format.

By the way I used the Music scope from for this Analysis.