Musiklab Ultimate Audio Design amplifiers

In Lyngby, just north of Copenhagen, Michael Edinger quietly works on his audio creations which may well be considered one of the biggest hidden treasures of high end audio.

Michael is a musician by heart (among other things) and has spent ten years playing a violin in an American Cajun band.
Since 1987 Michael has worked extensively for large professional sound recording facilities in Scandinavia and has years of experience with SiriuS and a full gamut of other fine High End brands of amplification (including a highly regarded far east Connoisseur High end brand). 

Besides his phenomenal high end audio amplifiers, Michael also makes the StringAmp™, the incredibly natural sounding violin and cello pickup that is used by some world renowned violinists like Svend Asmussen and cello players across the world .  
Michael also works closely with some other high end audio companies, helping them in development of various audio products.

Michael is an exceptional man of wide horizons and many talents. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced but still very modest. The reason we are mentioning him here, is the fact that he was one of the first designers who was able to successfully implement the biggest and most powerful industrial high power vertical MOSFET transistors in a power amplifier. Prior to his take on these revolutionary devices, few designers managed to truly tame these, and many implementations were highly unstable and oscillated like mad. Michael`s approach was “thinking-out-of-the-box”, he redesigned the amp completely anew from the ground up and the result is a power amp topology that must be experienced to be believed. The advantages of this approach are too numerous to name here but they will be included in the review of the Musiklab UAD ( ultimate audio design ) amps. A famous Danish company still uses this technology in their world wide highly acclaimed high end amps, based on the technology being pushed to a mature status by Michael Edinger himself.

His most recent series of amps are called Ultimate Audio Design (UAD) and represent the pinnacle of audio amplifier design, soon to be reviewed at Mono&Stereo.
The series comprise line preamp models,squarely aimed at driving a palette of stereo and mono power amps between 125W/ch, intended for a range of users` needs, from a minimalist living room system, to a ballroom size hall , driving up to multiple mono blocks of up to 1kW / ch , all without sonic compromise.