Reel to reel ultimate listening

Having serious fun with the Analogy Records analog master tapes today. Many of you wrote and ask to write more about the experience and hands on, so here's a quick insight. Reel to reel tapes are getting a lot of the attention recently and there are many reissues and new releases coming in. So how does they sound? Analogy Records material is of a different kind as music is recorded to the tape directly from the mixing board. In that way each premium tape is an actual master! When you hear what’s possible with this medium it really makes you scratch the head. 

One big question arise: “How can we sincerely judge and explore our high-end gear with other material?” Difference is huge and there is so much more music being present. Even with the top notched analog vinyl based systems I’ve heard the results were great, but r2r, when done right and if sourced material is top notch, analog tapes can bring the level of musical impact, that its of different plane.

Yes, digital and even vinyl is more convenient, but its great to hear how music can sound at the upper echelon stratosphere. 

Here are few of the high-resolution photos of the first quick listening. More to come…