Rockna Audio NEW Wavedream DAC series

Rockna Audio team is proud to announce our new Wavedream DAC series. There are 2 main models : Edition (featuring Rockna RD-1 discrete dac modules) and Signature (featuring Rockna RD-0 discrete dac modules). Each version can be ordered in single ended or balanced configuration. In addition to the Femtovox clock system, both Edition and Signature benefit from a new discrete output stage and improved power supply section. RD-1 module has a 26-bit ladder structure, while RD-0 is a 27 bit ladder structure. Both are FPGA-based, meaning they have their own (upgradable) firmware. New Wavedream firmware will feature a new powerful upsampler (custom made using DSP blocks) to 768k (apodizing response) and will add DSD256 support.