The FM Acoustics experience!!!

Many of you asked me repeatedly to write something regarding the FM Acoustics combo I’m having under the review. I’ll try to lay down some of the first impressions.

In the world of high-end audio FM Acoustics and Manuel Huber have a special place. Anyone, ever having a chance to meet the MAN, was in most cases profoundly affected by his charisma and genuine love and respect for the music. FM Acoustics as company goes way back and have a strong routes in the pro-audio world. So what does it have to do with it? Well, everything and nothing. Manuel implemented his life’s long experience and know-how from pro industry segment into his high-end audio creations with the similarities and superiorities. Both to the best effect. 

FM Acoustics brings out an instant discussion when taking a role of the conversation. There are different and strong opinions. Emotional and one can never alleviate and side.

My take? There is a certain, almost mythical/mystical aura surrounded around the company and Manuel Huber. For many FM Acoustics products means the end of the road. Journey ended and the sorcerer succeeding with his alchemy. Either philosophically or practically and correlating to ones budget and funds. Yes, FM Acoustics components are no where near cheap. Even extremely priced compared to some other offerings. Price is always discussible as not only high-end audio operates in the realms of ultra luxury pricing/branding. Perhaps analogy with high-end Swiss watch brands comes in handy. Some watch complications and unique solutions for time keeping are astronomically high price.  With FM Acoustics you certainly pay for the brand, heritage, R & D, Made in Swiss, unique technologies (declicker, lineazier etc.) and non the last the one of the kind musical experience. Most certainly not everyones cup of tea, yet highly novel musical experience. I love exploring the extreme, exotic and non standard ultimate high-end audio reproduction and have no problem regarding it, nor writing about it, being critical, nor being excited about it. I do not fall into the camp of the controversial reaction crowd, but trying to see through the different specter. 

I’ve met Manuel many times over the years, talked with him and listened to his presentations. His among the most intriguing, passionate, knowledgeable and charismatic person in our industry. Not once, but at many occasion I’ve witnessed people waiting for hours to hear his closed presentations. Its something about his genuineness and pure passion for music affecting the people profoundly. In the end, products should speak for themselves in their performance and here FM Acoustics never falls short. Even after few notes, the rare, recognizing and captivating feeling resolve at once. 

The richness in texture, timbre and tone contour, palpable harmonic structure, immaculately presentation, concert hall like balance, superior dispersion of soundstage, engulfing three dimensionality etc. Quite a paraphernalia right? There is so much right and kaleidoscopic about the FM “house” sound. It intimately follows the archaic music DNA and doesn’t come as the latest iteration, but rather as barrage of of musical uniformity, tone to tone and octave to octave natural balance. Unique coherency across the full spectrum comes without nonlinearities often associated even at the upper echelon. Combination of all this creates a lingering, detailed and revealing experience of its own.  

Yes, FM is different, expensive, exotic as it get and certainly not for everyone. Its one path towards the musical heaven and for many most exciting one.

As one is affected with the beauty of the precious gemstones, seduction of most profound perfume, the taste of the most delicious gourmet food, timeless aura of remarkable painting or cinemascope dreamscape of Akira Kurosawa. FM Acoustics products infects ones right brain hemisphere with profoundly different, and one of the kind experience of the music.  

This company and its creator are both highly iconic. And for at the right reasons. 

Whats’s in it for me? At ultimate plane I just want to sit down, immerse into the music, forget about space time continuum and explore the transcendental beauty of the music. And FM Acoustics on this level provide this kind of listening. Once bitten by this bug, there is little chance of being back on the previous track…

Matej Isak