Transfiguration Proteus MC cartridge

Transfiguration Proteus MC cartridge has entered. To showcase the Dr.Feickert Analogue BlackBird turntable at another level, the kind folks at Audio Note Singapore have sent in one of their best selling MC cartridge for the review. I have no complain over the Ortolan Cadenza MC cartridge that was in the initial set up that I considered to be a fine performer, but I could not refuse the opportunity to hear the Proteus.

The initial impression of the addition of the Proteus was how true the positive review is. I read back the review written by Michael Fremer at Stereophile and I said to myself, I agreed. 
Then I realized that the Blackbird turntable is a good turntable to have allow the change of cartridge to be so obvious and all that are reported in the review can be heard…enjoy

Dato’ Danon Han