Ultimate listening room!?

Our friends Audio16boys take a visit and listening to the one of the best listening/concert rooms/halls in Germany…

Being always excited when it comes to listening rooms – how they were built and do sound – I recently went to a privately built big listening room which is run commercially providing excellent concerts for a number of at least 100 visitors.

A congenious team of the investor & architect built this “very special box” in the middle of a small village in the Bavarian Forest for about 1.6 million Euros. The first image shows the entrance going down into the building.

While most of this room is built by concrete the interior surfaces are made of a mixture of 80% of shell lime and 20% of concrete which gives the room the soft and fantastic acoustics. Of course the design and the particular measurements and implementation on resonances etc. are part of the stunning positive effects.

To be very honest I was really surprised about the quality of the sound. Listening to a piano concert of Tschaikowsky`s “Die Jahreszeiten op. 37” the Ukrainian pianist lady was able convincing me that this room is one of the very few exceptional small concert halls providing a perfect Audio Sound for nearly all listeners.

For me one of the 10 best rooms & halls I ever heard! and believe me I went to some, also internationally…