Verity Audio Monsalvat speaker system NEW

And as promised here is more detailed information about the all new Verity Audio Monsalvat speaker system...

The Monsalvat is an innovative loudspeaker system built around two main towers, two independent and dedicated low-bass towers and a dedicated Verity Audio high resolution digital crossover requiring six channels of amplification. The main tower is comprised of two isolated cabinets having an upper cabinet doing midrange and treble and bottom cabinet doing the low-mid frequencies via an impressive array of four 9-inch drivers. The combination sits on a unique platform efficiently isolating stray energy from the floor. 

Each of the Monsalvat woofer towers is comprised of four individual woofer cabinet modules specially designed to be staked together and corner-placed eliminating common standing wave modulation within the listening room. Each module includes a large woofer driver uniquely designed by Verity achieving a true highly articulated and uncompressed bass performance. 
The Monsalvat comes with a dedicated stereo three way high resolution digital crossover.  Verity Audio proposes a 384 kHz / 32 bits active crossover using 4,000 coefficients FIR filters and delay lines. It is fully configurable and must be installed by a trained Verity Audio engineer.