A sobering high-end audio fact and Bösendorfer 280VC Vienna Concert Grand Piano

A sobering fact! Let us for the moment stop, rethink and compare. For example how much history, heritage, man hours and real hand work goes into the product like the all new Bösendorfer 280VC Vienna Concert Grand Piano - The Next Generation. This handmade in Austria, iconic piano compared to some of the high-end audio gear represent something completely different on so many levels, that should matter in high-end audio industry.

In the upper echelon of ultra high-end audio we sadly only have a few companies, that can remotely, or closely reflect the dedication of creation of such delicate instrument. I can already hear the hectic echoing of the "wise audiophile sorceress" and manufacturers. I'm reverbing it back; show us the hard work, dedication, heritage and mostly important the end audible result. On the consumers note... Do take your time, explore, listen and appreciate real gems in the high-end audio. Still, there are some...

More on the Bösendorfer: "Musical heritage in contemporary perfection - Our uncompromising striving for quality, highly specialised craftsmanship and advanced technological production

processes are the building blocks of this powerful new dynamic instrument. This piano has been developed for the concert stage. Its typical warm and singing sound character continues the Bösendorfer musical heritage and tradition. Its broad dynamic range and powerful tonal development and sustain make the 280VC a perfect tool for a wide range of performances. Based on the Viennese tradition of piano building it presents itself in a contemporary way and easily meets today’s demands of the concert stage."

L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH