ELAC Debut Loudspeaker Line – Debut by Andrew Jones

The whole world is filled with music. It might not always sound the same, but the fascination that it evokes is everywhere ... and more often than not, it is an ELAC loudspeaker that serves as the acoustic link. The founding of ELAC America is driven by our great desire to promote the love for lifelike sound. With input from expert loudspeaker designer Andrew Jones, we have expanded our development capacities and laid the foundation for additional new products. The Debut Line is the first product of this collaboration and is a powerful statement of intent in the affordable segment of the market.
The compact B5 bookshelf loudspeaker is a game-changer that embodies the philosophy of "lifelike sound" with exceptional authenticity. Despite its affordable price, it exceeds all expectations with ease. The B6 matches the sound character of the B5, but adds an extra dollop of bass and dynamic range thanks to its larger woofer and cabinet volume. The F5 is an exceptionally capable floor-standing loudspeaker whose small footprint disguises its ability to fill even large rooms with sound. At the heart of the action: the C5 center loudspeaker is the key component of a full-blown surround-sound setup. It not only reproduces dialog with exceptional clarity, but also has sufficient reserves for intense action scenes thanks to its two woofer chassis. The co-axial A4 Dolby Atmos® loudspeaker catapults the listener into the three-dimensional action. Thanks to the reflection principle employed by the A4, installation couldn't be easier – simply place it on top of your main loudspeakers. All loudspeakers feature woofers with membranes made of woven aramid-fiber-reinforced material as well as a 25 mm fabric dome tweeter in a special wave guide.

The passive loudspeakers are complemented by three active subwoofers. The subwoofer S10 delivers a rich foundation for stereo and surround-sound applications. Equipped with 250 mm or 300 mm loudspeaker chassis and combined with 200 W or 500 W power amplifiers, the two models S10 EQ and S12 EQ deliver a lush sound of incredible depth. Both models also offer convenient APP-based operation and can be adjusted to suit the room acoustics by means of an automatic calibration function