Importance of grounding in high-end audio?

My friend Soon Onn explores the importance of the grounding, that is more and more taking the important role in the high-end audio systems…

The interest in grounding our systems seems to be gaining prominence the last couple of years, a trend I believe started by audio exotics HK with the ├╝ber price Tripoints but which provide very effective grounding. Next we have Entreq, pretty simple passive device but it works. Now we have Telos Ground Noise Reducer for active grounding. Some of us felt that these are all BS & some swear by it. 

Few months ago I found out about Frank Ground Filter which is connected to the ground inside the distribution box DB & spec to reduce noise by -20db. Recently I was make aware of another grounding system by Monitor Acoustics of Taiwan. It suppose to be even more effective reducing noise up to -60db!!! On top of that Monitor acoustics produced a v special ground plate and the magic is in its coating. Something for us to find out more & probably implement it. The Monitor Acoustics power block is selling for USD 2500 & the ground plate USD 1450 :).