LessLoss Firewall module plug-and-play module NEW

Firewall module features a C14 inlet and a LessLoss modified Oyaide C-079 double hand polished, double gold plated C13 plug. This Firewall module features a milled oakwood enclosure which is treated with special impregnation oils for protection and beauty.The Firewall module with C13/C14/Oyaide option is lightweight at only about 225 grams. Its slim and flexible design allows it to be installed just about anywhere, even in the most busy and complicated system back-ends.

The lead connecting the oakwood case to the modified Oyaide C-079 plug is highly flexible and allows for 90 degree sharp turns without issue. It is further protected with a hard but lightweight sheath for longevity. The sheath does not influence sound quality.

Special care is taken to ensure that micro-vibrations are damped wherever possible. Thus, the IEC inlet is mated directly to the oakwood case, ensuring that stray vibrations are dispersed within the complex wood cellulose structure.

You can daisy chain these high performance modules to the point where you can create out of them your dream cable. Upon connection of additional units, no dynamic performance is attenuated, colored, or modified in any way. This is a very unique feature of this solution. The plug-and-play version makes it a breeze to incorporate the Firewall module into any existing system.

The dimensions of the oakwood enclosure are about 65mm (Width) x 133mm (Length) x 35mm (Height). In most installations it will simply hang down vertically. Ask for a custom length lead if you need one.

With Oyaide option: regular price: $410, now only $285 ($205 if you upgrade)! With Regular C13 option: regular price: $268, now only $164 ($134 if you upgrade)!