Multimedia Hifi Show 2015

It took 21 years that Multimedia Hifi Show became, what it is today – the biggest audio/video fair in region and the only one fair of entertainment  electronics at us! It is known as the popular meeting place for superior sounds, pictures and musics lovers. Multimedia Hifi Show offers you these year even bigger and better selection of that all.

More than 20 exhibitors will represent you the brand new audio/video systems in 4 floors, 10 saloons and 10 rooms. At the numerous premieres, where will be represented to Slovenian's public one of the biggest and the best audio /video systems of nowadays, there will be also big selection of CD-players and turntables. Fair Multimedia Hifi Show is accompanied by music appearance, meetings with exhibitors and a lot of good entertainment.

At Multimedia Hifi Show you will be hosted by the prettiest and the kindest hostesses, as all past years.

Would you like to buy audio/video system with the biggest sound and you don't know, where to find it? The answer for all is at the Multimedia Hifi Show, where you can find all in one place, that  is offered on the market. Of course, as you can see it, you can also hear all that is interesting to you.