QSW-Audio Reference MC-8 CD power cord update

I’v received many inquiries about the upcoming review of QSW-Audio Reference MC-8 CD power cord. This is a hand-made power cord made from solid core 7N copper. The mains plug has two pure silver pipes, both perfectly polished.

The connectors of the power cord are designed in such a way that the conductive part is tightly pressed by the wedge, and then it is all covered with epoxy resin to keep the wedge in place (at the same time, the air is pushed out, so it can be considered anaerobic).

There is a box in the centre of the power cord, with a proper tourmaline mineral EMI filter (see photograph below). In the plugs, it uses MC-8, as presented in the photograph below.

QSW-Audio MC-8 CD Reference power cord is the result of many years of experience and testing. 

Price: 1.80 EUR 2000.

CONTACT: e-mail: Qsw-audio@wp.pl