The chase for the best contemporary high-end monitor speakers…

This is part two preview of the upcoming Kaiser Kawero Chiara speakers review and short elaboration regarding the small high-end audio monitor speakers...

Each time i write something about the Kaiser Kawero Chiara speakers reactions starts to fly in as the an endless torrents of the rain. As it seems these standmounted monitor speakers ignite different emotions and a huge contemplation from both audiophiles and musiclovers.

In my last postings I was being asked how do they compared to the small monitors from the companies like Raidho, Crystal Cable, Magico etc. In the era, where physical dissection seems to become an audiophile merit for the ultimate sound reproduction I’m kind of lost in these sound orientation. For me, the intricate ability of any speaker being able to touch the essence of the music plays the first, foremost and most crucial role in judging. Anyone is free to spend their hard earn money. No questions asked. What I’m putting forward as the food for the thought is the real reference and sound orientation. There is no question in my book of leafs for what should stand as the the one and only guidance. Music! Pure, unaltered, uncompress and as raw as it gets. Comparing some of the speakers with live, un-amplified, acoustical music recorded in the natural acoustic space is not only frustrating, but completely wrongly oriented. As we’re following the robotic language of automatons rather then poetic, lyrical and tuneful nature of the music. 

As first and foremost clear distinctions of Chiara I would put forward few things to elaborate. The tonal correctness, non fatigued spatiality (yes they can address the audiophile pin pointing), ability to portray layers of the harmonics from different instruments vividly and the absence of dynamics distortion. Compared to the very cold nature of the aluminum entrapped enclosures from some of the competition, Kaiser Chiara is able of tuneful colors. One thing I closely connect with the completeness and correctness of the presentation is the choice of the tweeter. For me the typical tweeter just don’t justify with the ultra and high-end sound performance. Compression driver based tweeter and ribbons posses this intricate ability of non fatigued and distorted sound. I’m not saying that traditional tweeter fail completely. Still, even the most exotic endeavors and materials still deal with the physical limitations of the basic tech being implemented. At certain point they come to the point of the distortion impact, that is audible to the trained ear instantly. This sadly brings the fatigued, push forwardness of the sound, that reflects very little of what supposed to be associated with an actual sound.

Harmonic decay of the instruments can be quickly squashed, restrained and in the absence of the real life attributes, yet Chiara is as vibrant as it gets. Involving and captivating.

Passive woofer on the back side brings an unimposing performance and the Chiara speaker stand chamber generate the physical size of the sound that is more close to the balanced performance of the floorstanders then small monitor speakers. 

With their unique design they are able to disappear instantly, but still keeping the large size soundstage and sense of the space. This is actually the Über achievement and the thing of prolonged R & D from the Kaiser Acoustics team. 

I’ve been repeatedly asked about the current state of the high-end audio industry. For me, its the best time to be around as finally we’re reaching the realms of audio genuinely refined advancement. With the products like Chiara my faith in the matured and complete high-end audio speakers is restored. Kaiser Kawero Chiara speakers represent something that is more then worthy of all the attention and highlighting. 

This is what 21st century high-end audio supposed to stand for and how it supposed to sound. 

This is part two of the Kaiser Kawero Chiara preview. Next installment comes as a full blown review. Stay tuned as it will be very interesting…

Matej Isak