Diapason Dynamis flagship speakers review preview

Many of you were impressed by the Diapason Dynamis flagship speakers presented in articles over past weeks and related to my visit to Diapason factory headquarters, production assembly and wood workshop. Here are as requested, first insights and a review preview about this unique dynamic flagship speaker from both old and renowned Italian high-end audio speakers company. 

Diapason Dynamis speakers are the brainchild of Alessandro Schiavi and his biggest speakers model up to date. They clearly reflect the recognizing Diapason design cues and follow the same recognized speakers voicing. Alessandro told me that many of his distributors and visitors at the high-end audio shows around the world constantly asked him to introduce bigger, flagship speaker model. After few years of research, hard work and quest for something that would reflect Diapason quality at the upper echelon Alessandro was satisfied with the results and has finally revealed his version of Diapason state of the art flagship speakers. 

There are many unique takes with this speakers design. In my preview I’ll touch few with more elaborate description coming in later with the full blown review. Alessandro will visit me personally and bring the Dynamis speakers for in depth test and review. We’ll take time to explore everything behind the speakers creation, inspiration and unique design philosophy. 

I know Diapason as a brand for almost three decades. In due time I’ve had a chance to listen to quite few of their speakers, but was not sure exactly what to expect in prior to my visit to Diapason team in Brescia regarding the Dynamis. 

We have quite many different high-end audio dynamic speakers on the market and its not exactly easy to create something new, refreshed, unique and most importantly great sounding. 

It was very inspiring to hear the Diapason Dynamis speakers performing so involvingly and musically empowered. These days many speaker manufacturers claim the energetic, lively outcome of their high-praised high-end speakers. Sadly the reality is of a different kind. Most of the high-ned loudspeakers on the market follows completely different route, that cherish something else then pure musical reproduction and few of them can ignite the enthusiastic (matured) listener respond and bring out the emotions. 

Dynamis is true to its name. It encompass grand music flow enriched by the controlled energetic sound performance. Clever and well thought design deals surprisingly well with the bass energy. The absence of wobbly and boomy bass helps creating a palpable radiant low bass, upper bass and midrange response. Operating potently wise within 80 hz to 2.5 kHz can ensure the lively and powerful sound performance. Nailing it in this range is a cornerstone of any great sounding speaker. Alessandro mileage with many live recordings gave him a certain imprint, that reflects within Dynamis sound DNA. There are seriously too many speakers manufactures dealing only with the virtual outcome of the loudspeakers sound via CAD. Not many actually spent extra needed time to fine-tune and voice the speakers, although many state so. It takes one known song to reveal whats real and whats being just projected.

Listening is mandatory! This is how it was done in the past and there is no way around this. You have to design speakers “by the book” and you cannot avoid the listening part if you want to create “musical” speaker, that follows the referenced sound path. But this takes enormous time. It cannot be done quickly and in a hectic mood. Alessandro lovely wife told me, that on top of the vast working hours he spent on this project, numerous weekends was reserved for extra hours and efforts in creating what the Dynamis stand for today. This is for sure a stand out and positive reminder what it takes to create any state of the art high-end audio product. 

We heard many different songs during the Dynamis presentation and I could lay down quite some listening notes and create my vivid opinion about them. I’ll elaborate more in details regarding the sound performance in upcoming review, but I can assure and report the big likings from my side. Diapason Dynamis speakers are grown up speakers with the even more matured sound output, that relate very closely to the way the music should sound. Dynamis’ manged to present an involving, inspiring and reviving audio presentation, rivaling and exceeding with the performance many similar or higher priced high-end audio speakers.  

Returning to the technical side of Dynamis. Let me point at few interesting solutions. Unique shape of the Dynamis not only reflect Diapason renowned aesthetics, but addresses the internal acoustics. Non parallel internal walls are dealing with the innards acoustical behavior and dispersion of the resonances and vibrations. 

Bottom speakers stands uses unique self locking, self centering feet, that are highly practice for moving and positioning the speakers, as well as balancing them in the optimal position. 

Dynamis are covered with special material used in high-end boats and yachts manufacturing. Diapason is close to the one of the world most prestigious yacht making companies and Alessandro embraced this technology for his flagships loudspeakers. This ensure perfect finishing and opens up the world of vast color scheme choice implemented in the best way. Unique coating material also ensure, that wood is not affected by the humidity, that is a hubris in many Asian countries. 

There a lots of attributes that makes a Dynamis special speaker product. One of them, as see on the photos below is laser cut Diapason company logo. Brescia and Vicenza are renowned for the abundance of small specialized companies and Diapason take this as their advantage. Metal logo comes as a part of the packaging in a dedicated designer box with thank you letter. Each new owner can personally attach the steel logo to a magnetic, self latching area at the front side of speaker massive stand. Very nice idea and clearly something that boosts new owner proud ownership. Way to go. Small detail, but a significant one for the luxury oriented high-end niche market…

There is many more important things to lay down. Let this work as an official introduction and a peek into, what makes Diapason Dynamis speaker so differently unique and inspiring. Stay tuned…

Text and photos: Matej Isak