Linnenberg Audio VIVACE2 DAC NEW

The VIVACE DAC was introduced nearly 2 years ago. Today, Linnenberg Audio announces the availability of the VIVACE2. 

While retaining all the virtues of version1, the predecessor offers several additional features.

Hybrid volume control:

While the majority of all commercially available DACs use some kind of digital attenuation, the VIVACE2 unite the precision of digital processing with the lossless approach of an analog volume control. As a result, VIVACE2 offers fully balanced volume control spanning over 85dB in small 0.5dB increments.

Remote control:

The volume is remote controllable. A bargraph display centered around the volume knob gives easy readout of the actual volume. External linear power supply:

Like the DPP-version of VIVACE, VIVACE2 is designed to work exclusively with the linear power supplies LEGATO or UNISONO.

THD and noise figures are further improved, now reaching the measurement limits of the very best test equipment.

Price: MSRP is € 2690.00 incl. VAT.