Natural Sound at Poland High-End Audio Show 2015

This year the Europe second biggest high-end audio show is hold from 6-8 November in Warsaw, Poland.

Like last year, Natural Sound is presenting two reference systems in rooms 208 and 209, at the Stadion Narodowy. First room is dedicated to a complete iconic FM Acoustics setup and the second to the legendary Audio Tekne tube electronics from Japan driving the Maxonic high e cen- cy loudspeaker. Maxonic loudspeakers are an Eropean premiere.

Both systems are using reference digital and analogue sources.

Based on the last year interest and limited time and space we’re kindly inviting you to reserve your seats for the presentation. We would really like to give each and everyone state of the art ultra high-end presentation and such listening organizing is mandatory. FM Acoustics and Audio Tekne electronics represent an utmost take on the most realistic music reproduction and our goal is to make it a lasting, lingering and state of the art listening experience.

This year presentation will be very special as for the  rst time you can listen and explore publicly FM Acoustics and Audio Tekne new products.

Nautral Sound prefer guided, professional and profound showcase. This kind of dedication is connected with the limited entrance.

For this special occasion we’re again delighted to host you with the unforgettable event.