River Tone $5 mil sound system from Japan

Now this is really extreme $5 mil priced luxury audio system made from 60 kgs of real gold and diamonds. Designed by Sony legendary Audio Acoustic Designer Michio Nakamoto.

With a design ethos of “Less is More”, River’sTone is premium speaker system featuring a dedicated bi-amplifier, various type of high-quality enclosures including a stunning solid gold finish and offers sonic purity of the highest caliber. It is quite simply is the ultimate design statement.

A unique combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge craftsmanship.

  • Each unit is hand-made, hand-wired and constructed from the finest quality materials
  • Bi-amplification technology for tweeter and woofer.
  • Scientifically matched components deliver a truly harmonious sound
  • Solid gold bodies achieve the lowest “longitudinal elastic modulus/density” resulting in incredible clarity and a transparently pure audio signal
  • Well balanced weight/dimensions for both audio quality and bodies, made from such precious metals
  • System grills are custom designed for each individual unit and are optional
  • Made in Japan

Audio Acoustic Designer

Originally working for Sony, Michio has a huge wealth of experience in the audio field. Michio is highly respected as a recording engineer and systems designer as well as a marketing genius. During his career Michio has also developed and specified high-quality audio systems, such as studio monitor speakers and headphones


Anodic Supply was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary company of Sankei Industry Co. Ltd. Sankei Industry have developed an electroplating and anodizing process mainly for semiconductor manufacturing equipment for many years in Japan. Anodic Supply has developed an enclosure based from aluminum + anodized surface, then started R&D for premium speaker system in gold plated boxes. Anodic Supply are now developing sterling silver premium speaker system and will market the solid gold product worldwide.