Short reflection of the Poland High End Audio Show 2015

At the airport and summing up my thoughts about the past three days. With 145 rooms, Poland high end audio show was a huge statement for our industry. It was inspiring to see so many attendees. Both Friday and Sunday were crowded, but Saturday was literally packed with the people.

I've spotted quite few of the manufactures direct presence, supporting their distributors and being ready to offer hands on insights regarding their products.

The variety of products being showcased was impressive with many highly exotic products, that you rarely spot on even in Munich.

Show was split into three different locations. Sobieski and Golden Tuilp Hotels were across the street and for getting to the third location - Stadion Narodowy, there a small buss shuttle was driving back and forth frequently.

Sound was different from room to room and dependable on the choices of system matching and room acoustic accessories being applied. There were few highlights worthy of pin pointing, but I'll wrap it up in a separate article.

All in all, very positive impressions and a healthy demonstration of where high end audio stands presently. It's nowhere near being death or slow paced as some wants to presented.

Hats of to Adam and his team for pulling it of in such a grand way.