A Christmas present for all vinyl aficionados from Chisto

Chisto, a worldwide leader in audio/video cosmetics, finalized its premium vinyl care line Easy Groove with two professional pre-wash products - Enzycaster and Extreme.

Enzycaster is enzyme pre-wash concentrate that makes 1 liter of solution. 

Extra dirty records really exist as Jazz, Blues records of 40s and 50s or records stored in dusty places for decades. They need a special treatment as a pre-wash before your average cleaning procedure. Enzymes come to help. But we spent a lot of time to find very effective and also very safe, very green ( biodegradable) one to protect our nature also. Use it as a pre-wash before your normal cleaning. 

Extreme is ultra effective ready to use spray pre-wash that took almost two years in development.  Aimed on professionals who need ultimate solution for expensive records. Its action is quick and powerful. 

As a real innovator in the industry Chisto installed NFC chips in all Easy Groove 2016 products’ boxes that link to video lessons “How to clean records professional way”. Premium segment of products requires a perfect learning curve.  

Chisto also prepared a VIP gift set for all 4 Easy Groove vinyl care products. A beautiful brazilwood storage case that keep the products a beautiful way. A gift for a your true audiophile friend. A Merry Christmas message from Chisto.
For more information, please visit www.chisto.me

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