COEUR d'ALENE CSCP-C10 Premium tube preamplifier

Another secret gem from the land of the rising sun. COEUR d'ALENE CSCP-C10 Premium High-End Audio tube preamplifier…


Circuit: Tube Stereo Pre Amp 
Input Impedance: Line/Phono 50kOhm 
Input Terminals: Line RCA Unbal. x 3, Phono x 1 
Input Sensibility: 120mV(Line level inputs), 5mV(MM, Phono input) 
Output Terminal: RCA Unbal. x 1, XLR Bal. x 1 
Output Impedance: 270Ohm/Unbal. THD 0.05% (Line input) 
Crosstalk: -75dB or less 
Tubes: 5670 x 2, 5965 x 4 
Power consumption: 70W max. 
Dimension & Weight: 290W x120H x 405D, 8.6k