Etsuro Japan Urushi cartridge NEW

Talking again about the fine Japanese craftsmanship. Email, just came in from Etusro in Yokohama, JAPAN. This new company is announcing the new “ETSURO URUSHI” High-end Phono cartridge. Below is first official information about the cartridge. It will be great to test and review this analogue gem, so stay tuned for more soon. 
“Stylus with the contact surface of 80μ「Super micro line diamond will accurately trace the ultra-precise groove. Sound recorded on the vinyl will be played in its true colors. Sapphire pipe material has been installed for the cantilever. With the superb sound transmission character and hardness of the sapphire, it has achieved vibration transmittance in high speed without any distortions. At the heart of the cartridge, solid wood sapphire has been applied. By the direct method, which assembles the vibration transmission mechanism as one body, it can thoroughly eliminate the loss of signal. Housing of the cartridge using Extra-super duralumin (AL7505) material has been handcrafted by the Japanese traditional craft, lacquering. Masterly shine and texture is truly a miniature work of art. When more than half century of experience and accomplishment of the craftsmanship crosses the project striving for supreme, the analog record will start moving towards a new generation.”