HSS Fidelity DMT4 mkIII tube preamplifier

The new line of HSS tube preamplifiers has reached the mk III and Anniversary version. The DMT4·mkIII is available in three different versions: N, P and T. The DMT4 Anniversary series is a limited series of 100 units in version T.

Each apparatus is composed of two frames:

DMT4 ·mkIII N, P and T: line preamplifier stage with two inputs and cathode follower output, circuitry with cathode follower output.

DMC1·mkIII N, P and T: power supply unit for DMT4 N, P and T with anode switching, anode voltage stabiliser and filaments.

General features:

• Use of Triodes selected and paired for each channel. • Separate B supply and filaments for each channel.
• “Dual Mono” configuration, with internal wiring
with Litz wire. (DMT4 unit)
• Use of coupling/decoupling condensers in
polypropylene with 5% tolerance.
• Powered Alps Volume potentiometer
(mkIII P and T versions).
• Externally selectable double CD and TUNER/AUX
signal input.
• Separate sensitivity adjustment for each channel. • Tube filament preheating circuit.
• Front panel lighting and volume level indicator. • Remote control for volume (mkIII T version only)
Anniversary version only:
Specific valves with gold-plated pins.
Non-inductive type 1% Vishay polarization resistances.
Technical specifications:
• Triodes used: 4
• RCA inputs: 2
• RCA outputs: 1
• Frequency response: 2 HZ -140 KHZ (+/- 3 dB). • Output impedance: 213 Ohm
• Separation between channels: >85 dB
• Maximum output signal: 13 V R.m.s.
• Gain (with max sensitivity): +19 dB
• Harmonic distortion: <0 .29="" 15kohm="" 5v="" dimensions="" i="" mm="" on="" r.m.s.="" xdxh="">