RJH Audio The Reference One Loudspeaker

Not so widely known… RJH Audio The Reference One Loudspeaker represents a marriage between Ron Harper two greatest sassions... Love of music and love of wood...

RJH Audio drivers feature extremely powerful, oversized alnico magnets with the accordion style cloth surrounds made from reinforced fabric, copper plated aluminum phase plugs and very light paper cones. All of this is housed in a rigid, cast aluminum frame.

RJH Audio uses only 99.9% Pure Silver components and point to point wiring through out the entire signal path, finest components available including pure silver and oil capacitors, custom hand wound silver foil inductors, 16 guage solid silver hook up wire, and 5 way pure silver binding posts which are housed on solid aluminum, anodized backing plates. 

Cabinet pieces (on the Reference One) are CNC machined using extremely dense MDF; then carefully assembled by hand. 
Once assembled the panels are wrapped with plywood then finished with a premium wood veneer using the finest adhesives available. 

Solid walnut is used on the ports as well as on the bases. Solid Maple with a decorative burled walnut inlay is used for the baffles.

“Although years of research went in to selecting the worlds finest components we still had to enlist the aid of some of the worlds top engineers to custom build components in order to meet our goal of building one of the worlds best sounding loudspeakers. Frequency Response: 26.5 hz to 25,000 hz.

Our speakers are very efficient at 94.6 dB. spl. @ 1 watt / meter they eliminate any strain on amplifiers allowing music to flow effortlessly from them. (A two watt amplifier will drive them very well).

Our cabinets are constructed of the finest materials available. Like Stradivarius did on their violins we use different hard woods in crucial areas. These are chosen for their tonal qualities as well as their sheer beauty.”