Triangleart The Ultimate LE turntable impact

Our senior contributing writer Dato’ Danon Han will be in analog heaven next year. Here’s why….

“Tom Vu was at the recent Singapore Audio show 2015 and was going through some technicalities of his giant turntable, The Ultimate LE. At over 800 pounds (heavier than my Clearaudio Statement), it is believed that it's stability is unmatched. From that short session that I have heard this giant, I have to believe my own ears and they tell me it's special in the most musical sense. I told Tom that I wish to listen to it in my system and he took it to heart and ordered one to be built. Expected delivery is in April before the Munich Show 2016… WOW!”

As always, expect more to be revealed in due time here at the pages of Mono & Stereo...