Akiko Audio USB Tuning NEW

Many music lovers use a computer in their high-end audio system. A desktop computer or laptop however, is not designed for optimal music rendering and causes many interferences due to electromagnetic radiation, the way they are constructed (everything is built within one housing) and especially due to a poorly designed switched-mode power supply.

The Akiko Audio USB Tuning is capable of reducing the high frequency electromagnetic noise, making the signal transmission more accurate. 

The design consists of an ingenious mix of natural minerals connected to an internal antenna for high frequency radiation that is stabilized with special black resin and suppresses micro phonic effects.


In an unused USB input of your computer, streamer, NAS or DAC. The USB Tuning has been especially designed for the audio fan, who likes to use his computer as the source, but mostly just wants to enjoy a relaxed and fair rendering of his favorite music!