ELODIS-SUB TGE bass horn

This 20+ album illustrates making and setup of the ELODIS-SUB TGE bass horn.

These double 15-inch bass horns was a custom project to complete the "GOTORAMA" - a system based on drive units from GOTO-UNIT for our one and only Stefano Bertoncello.

The major target of these bass horns was to achieve best possible performance also at upper bass and lower midrange (at least up to around 300 Hz) to have an optimal complement to the compression drivers. 

After making 2 prototypes and extended listening checks the final design was found to fulfill this requirement.
It was necessary to get a very smooth bend by using lot of tricky to make triangular panels.

This project included designing and making of the TGE bass horns and designing and making of the "horn-holders".

These bass horns are made of top-quality beech plywood from DELIGNIT.

The TGE bass horns are assambled each with 2 unique state-of-the-art neodymum 15-inch drive units from a renowned Italian factory . Drivers work in impulse-compensated configuration.