Faber's Power La Potenza power distributor impact

Power handling and distribution importance and factual implementation never cease to impress with the practical implementation. Much understated Faber's Cables brand and not publicly less pushed forward products of Fabrizio Baretta are of needed attention. Fabrizio is slowly, surely and remarkably moves in the background with almost guerrilla like pace. His cabling ruled out and rivaled many top players without any forceful act. Just a sole practical implementation and evident showcase of things done properly.

Faber's Cables - Faber's Power La Potenza power distributor is among few F1 like contenders of no cheerful sentiments. 

La Potenza thirst quenching system cabling front end conveys raw, pure nature rather then sonic slowish mildness. Many if not most power distributors produce and introduce lurid sound. La Potenza  strikes with completely different set of attributes, locking firmly withe the unrestrained power…

I’ll reveal more with the upcoming La Potenza review, followed by Fabrizio Barreta cabling solutions. There is an absence of embellishment with Mr. Barreta path, showing the rare, stringent determination where its hard to keep enthusiasm bottled. Stay tuned…