GamuT Audio Lobster Listening Chair

Worlds first HiFi listening Chair?

The first high-end listening chair created to minimize reflections from the surroundings. Instead of having acoustic sound treatments on the wall behind and next to your listening position, the GamuT Lobster Chair effectively dampens these. The effect is shocking – The soundstage presentation becomes more precise and natural, the speakers virtually disappear and the music springs to life in your living room.

Based upon a Danish Design classic

The Lobster Chair, designed and manufactured by GamuT’s main share holder – Kvist Industries. In close collaboration with Kvist, GamuT has changed the damping material and surface of the Lobster Chair, to accommodate special acoustic dampening material, resulting in an extremely effective sound treatment, while maintaining the Lobster Chair’s breathtaking beautiful design and comfort.

The result: Iconic luxury design, superb comfort and amazing sound and – The price of the GamuT Lobster chair remains the same as the standard Lobster chair!!

 Available with Red or Black acoustical headrest fabric.