Grand Prix Audio 10th Anniversary Monaco Turntable V2.0 NEW

Technology finally caught up to the innovative genius and engineering prowess of Grand Prix Audio’s original Monaco turntable design introduced at CES 2006. Now on the 10th anniversary of the Monaco’s introduction, Grand Prix Audio will debut the Monaco v2.0 firmly establishing direct drive as the future of the modern turntable and path to the continued revival of vinyl.

The Monaco v2.0 Turntable, like the predecessor v1.0 and 1.5 (now both upgradeable to v2.0) is the most compact high-performance turntable in existence. Housed in the hallmark Grand Prix audio Carbon Fiber plinth, the v2.0′s outline and footprint is the same as the original Monaco. However, inside the plinth and controller are all new custom technology and proprietary Grand Prix Audio engineered mechanics. The new Monaco v2.0 represents a massive leap in innovation with a jaw-dropping result in sound performance science alone can’t explain.

• Speed accuracy of 1/10th part per million average — 10x greater than any other turntable!
• Peak deviation of less than 0.0002%
• Ultrasonic speed measurement falls outside the realm of any playback frequency
• Proprietary motor has infinite pole design and custom motion control
• Increased torque achieves speed in just 2 revolutions
• New circuitry and custom designed software with >75,000 line encoder disc

Made in the USA, the Monaco v2.0 comes standard with a variety of tone arm mounts and a totally new True Pressure Clamp System. This innovative system’s ultra fine-tuning clamp communicates to a proprietary sensor built into the platter, signaling with an LED spindle light when perfect clamping pressure is achieved; a very cool feature for a very cool turntable.

Grand Prix Audio’s Monaco v2.0′s debut will highlight NVS Silver Inspire cables and electrical treatments, and the turntable will be demonstrated on Grand Prix Audio’s Silverstone Series and Formula Shelves — industry leading isolation stands which are the single-most important performance edge for any sound system. Rounding out the Monaco’s elite cast will be a suite of VTL Signature Series electronics, and audiophile favorite Wilson Audio loudspeakers, Sasha Series 2.

Alvin Lloyd, President of Grand Prix Audio categorizes the Monaco v2.0 as his most proud achievement in audio to date stating, “This turntable reproduces music in a way I didn’t believe was possible.” Lloyd also admits, “If you know me, you know I’m allergic to such statements but the Monaco v2.0 warrants all the praise I can muster.”

According to Grand Prix Audio, the Monaco v2.0 turntable reveals sounds trapped in vinyl not heard since the time of recording, and provides newfound depth to your existing record collection. The Monaco v2.0′s debut will be a high-priority experience this CES Suite 29-218 of the Venetian.