Kronos, TechDas and Clearudio shootout

After the review of Kronos Pro Ltd review here at Mono & Stereo, a few interested audiophiles local and abroad asked if they can come over for a listen. I welcome them. They heard the difference.

Now, there are a few more requested for a listen, so I am prepping the Kronos, the Clearaudio and the TechDas for them.

Its not that difficult to host a listening session but its not that simple to host one comparing three top tier turntables. I have to make sure that all three analogue systems are performing at their respective best to my capability and the immediate connecting ancillary components. 

After each session, most listeners will have discovered something which some of them wish to share. I enjoy a good constructive criticism (or two). That is how I get to improve my experience and enjoyment.

Some of these guests were so kind as to reciprocate with a great hearty meal. I enjoy each company and fellowship. All the above made the whole exercise worthwhile. Thanks for the friendship and fellowship...cheers

Dato’ Danon Han