Studio Alchemist AccuTractor ultimate Cartridge Alignment protractor NEW

Studio Alchemist proudly announced the AccuTractor – the most accurate and astonishing design protractor that can eliminate the possibility of central-positioning error caused by traditional round-hole design – a break-through design for the most critical vinyl audiophiles.

Studio Alchemist uses the most advanced machinery tool to produce the most refined alignment lines and triangular central hole in one simultaneous step. Although we can make even more precise 0.03mm line width easily (~ Cartridge tip), 0.08mm line width was finally chosen for better identifiability after testing several samples with different line widths.

(1) The world first triangle center design protractor with zero error and   auto positioning to avoid central positioning error and hassle.
(2) The world no.1 protractor that provided consistent measuring reliability.
(3) The world most refined design with 0.08mm alignment lines width.
(4) Work properly with all kinds of tone arms and turntables.

This is how we revolutionized it:

First, the diameter of round-hole in traditional protractor design has to be larger than the diameter of turntable spindle in order to put it on to your turntable, and due to the tolerance between the larger round hole of the protractor and the spindle, it is almost impossible to get a consistence measuring between the two. However, when using our AccuTractor, the turntable spindle will be touched by two sides of the AccuTractor’s triangular center, thus the tangential alignment line on AccuTractor will be constrained to align with the turntable spindle and no tolerance can be occurred between AccuTractor and the turntable.

Second, the round hole position of traditional protractors is extremely difficult or almost impossible to be 100% matched with tangential alignment line printed on the traditional protractor. This was due to the process of how the protractor was usually made, that was to print the lines first and then make the positioning of the round hole. But with AccuTractor, we are able to produce the lines and make the positioning triangle hole in one simultaneous step!

Third, the width of alignment lines in the traditional protractors are larger than 0.2mm (>0.2mm), which is too big and cannot be used as reference for cartridge tracking alignment since the diameter of cartridge tip is only 0.02mm.

AccuTractor Specification:

Designed for all kinds of tone arms and turntables
Dimension: 180 x 50 x 2 mm (Length/Width/Thickness)
Alignment line width: < 0.08 mm
Material: Mirror coating acrylic
Null Point A Scale: 62 ~ 70 mm
Null Point B Scale: 113 ~ 125 mm
Overhang Scale: 10 ~ 19 mm