Audio Alto AA 5 K6 speakers first listening impressions

With continuing interest I’ve managed to arrange for listening to the six module version installation of Audio Alto AA 5 K6 modular speaker system in beautiful black piano finish. Driven by Audio Alto AA DMI 3 H Integrated dual mono integrated in A Class and fronted via AA MMC Multi Media Center this was all versed fully fledged company system. 

I’ve spend quite some time in prior to my visit to discuss and correspond with Audio Alto’s owner Saša Burian about his products, unique technology implemented, his vision and observation of high performance high-end audio reproduction. Saša is an avid concert going and ardent gentleman. Consequently Audio Alto products clearly reflects his personality strongly affected with love for music and finer things in life. All combined, the result of my listening experience was something very different and noteworthy reenacting positive attributes described. 

One of the things I’ve always lay down before making my initial notes and first impressions are multitude of questions. In this way one can easily get into the mind of the specific audio designer and see how questionnaire fills up the gaps on the grander scheme of understanding high-end audio in general and  own creations. Its great when you can get hands on, instant and mostly important potent answers even when designer is being technically challenged or “dueled” in conversation. Saša didn’t even blink on “spikes” and easily elaborated on the chosen topic. Calm and profound answering went on and on without creating an urge of push forward self promotion. A virtue I do cherish dearly…

Before touching the sonic experience let me focus a bit on the AA DMI 3 H Integrated amplifier. Saša strive to achieve perfect reproduction of sound that preserves all the purity, openness, width and depth of the original music. Digging a bit deeper into brand orientation reveals how all AA DMI 3 H voltage amplifying circuits are of class A topology and some of them are also single ended. 

Interestingly no Audio Alto products implements global negative feedback. Along with voltage amplifying components this encapsulates warm and detailed sonics combined with the open natural sound, natural impact and micro/macro ability to portray minute changes closely connected with the real music. AA DMI 3 H is very different amplifier and it shows. Locking with company one speakers was enticing and a thing of synergy. 

On the back side of the AA DMI 3 there is interesting switch letting you choose between two damping factors on the fly. With the damping factor of the 15 for optimal (well designed) speaker driving 50 for less damped speakers. AA DMI 3 includes also a new practical way of correcting speaker response (called TILT – as was introduced decades ago – in year 1982 - in a Quad preamplifier).

Returning to the speakers. Audio Alto speakers are designed so that their box Q factor (driver damping) is correct per se without requiring the driving capabilities of the attached amplifier (and “usually” its high damping factor). I’ve heard both 15 and 50 “position” in play and its interesting how sound changes. AA 5 K6 acted instantly upon switching and on some songs I’ve might even prefer the 50. But more one that in the upcoming review.

I’ve spent enough time to get my thoughts cleansed and settled in the listening environment. As experienced many times, a prolonged tiredness or mind unsettling can drive our perception of sound in extremes, thous quickly deciphering sound performance as harsh and fierce. 

Open nature, lightness and flow captured the listening mood and after few songs I’ve managed to understand the transcribed mood.  We agreed with Saša about one and only true reference in judging any component or system, live acoustical music. For believable realism there must be objectified reconstruction ability in ensuring enough focus and anchor points of believability. AA 5 K6 embodied the path needed to be taken in making a music reproduction believable and realistic.  

I’ve ended my first encounter with enough positive impressions and imprints to connect all being theorized by Saša. Audio Alto musical narrative follows the path that flourish the music acting as an inner sanctum reminiscent of inexorably interactive communication between the performer and listener without confusion. 

Do note, these were the first impression, more casual listening, yet still more then valuable in determining what to expect. More in depth scope is coming up soon, but I’ve really wanted to experience in person this particular and very interesting high efficient speakers.