Oswald Mill Audio The Imperia flagship horn speakers

The Imperia is the ultimate speaker from OMA.

The Imperia is a four way horn system, with a vertical array of conical horns covering 100hz to 20khz, and two rear loaded subwoofer horns using a massive 21" neodymium woofer handling 20hz-100hz. This special OMA sub is 104db 1w/1m and is powered by its own solid state amplifier. The system as a whole is extremely efficient at 105db 1w/1m, and is entirely time aligned.

The 100hz and 300hz wooden conical horns are made from a choice of solid Pennsylvania Black Walnut, Cherry or Ash. The 300hz midrange horn uses the incomparable Cogent DS1428 field coil compression driver. The high frequency horn is cast by OMA from aluminum alloy. Outboard crossover network is coupled to the Imperia via a solid slate patchboard.

The newest iteration features natural Pennsylvania ash. Finished in hand rubbed oil and wax, we preserved the wood's natural beauty and light color. Only the light colored sap wood was used from each tree, which greatly increased the amount of labor involved in fabrication. Combined with the black wrinkle finish frames and black slate water jet cut grills for the twin bass modules, this new version of the Imperia offers maximum contrast in materials. New custom internal wiring from Analysis Plus and a newly designed wiring harness are further improvements, along with a new circular rear compression chamber for the lower mid bass horn driver.

Industrial design by David D'Imperio


H 86"
D 60" (max depth at horn)
W 41"
Base footprint 41" x 41"