The MCRU Pinnacle Mains Power Lead cable NEW

The Pinnacle mains lead is the result of our 30+ years experience with the mains and related components. It encompasses everything we have learned about providing your equipment with the best possible mains feed.

The Pinnacle contains a host of our specialist tweaks many are “under the bonnet” so to speak and nothing has been spared in the quest to provide the best mains lead available today.

Each component from the cable, to the filtration in the central enclosure, fuse, earthing, filtering the mains plug and IEC connector and how the internal wires are terminated has been tested and tweaked to be the best it can be.

Our meticulous attention to detail results in a class leading product that will offer tangible sonic improvements no matter where it is used.

The Pinnacle can be used to power mains conditioners, re-generators, balanced mains units, mains extension blocks and individual components. It works by blocking out DC on the mains which is usually as a result of switch mode power supplies from fridges, freezers, microwaves etc, DC blocking provides instant sound quality improvements proven by customer feedback, the Pinnacle also incorporates some sophisticated mains filtering to further enhance performance. Because we have used audiophile quality cable designed specifically for hi-fi use and our specially chosen mains plugs and IEC connectors the unit functions as a superb mains power lead even without the DC blocker and filtration element.

We have found the mains lead works best when powering the entire system and we have available a different configuration to power individual components should the need arise. Available with UK | EU | AUS | USA mains plugs and standard or 16 amp high current IEC the Pinnacle will enhance your listening pleasure and put you one step closer to the artist.

We have made the Pinnacle available in 2 options, a standard version for powering individual components and a high current version for powering mains conditioners, mains re-generators and mains extension blocks.  
The Pinnacle is 2 metres long as standard, longer lengths of cable can be added on request.
Terminations available are UK | EU Schuko | USA | AUS
IEC connectors C15 standard IEC | C19 high current IEC | Neutrik silver plated 
Full specifications (plus some secret bespoke additions exclusive to MCRU) below:-
Triple C copper cable cryo treated with active earth shield (faraday cage)
Internal filtering system in mains plug and IEC connector
Dampening rings  to absorb un-wanted resonances in the cable itself
Furutech carbon fibre IEC connector with patented floating field damper system
Powerful filtration system with no negative effects on sound quality
Quantum technology to improve the efficiency of current flow and signal transmission

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