BASSOCONTINUO Revolution 2 Audio Racks NEW

Somebody will ask why a 2.0 after less than 2 years from the official AEON debut. The answer is very simple: carbon fiber it's a material with high technology content, continuously on evolution and at the same time very critical to work.

New important steps had been done and this time was perfect to improve few parameter that, during the first project, was impossible to do.

Born of AEON 2.0 has been a natural consequence.

Today AEON 2.0 is on the top of the category. The obsessive attention to the details, make it as a superior object. We pushed few parameter to the extreme, just to demonstrate what we can do.

One example? The shelf. The materials included into the carbon shield are quite completely changed. A new micro-cell polymer guarantee less weight and the same resistance. The aeronautic resins help to create an high performance sandwich, able to reduce about 25% the vibrations generated from turntables engines and digital sources.

Another time, AEON 2.0 it's another time a REVOLUTION and will be the new reference.