Chassis as foundation of a better sound

Interesting sum of the sonic differences with the upgraded chassis from Clones Audio HK representative. This was a project to show up the differences and explore the sound outcome.

"Today Funjoe delivered my very first version of 25iR demo with the latest chassis to me, he told me everything was the same except the chassis. When I connected the 25iR to the system, I couldn’t believe the difference was SO HUGH. Before it was more like a Porsche 911 engine on Beetle Chassis and latest update feels more like sitting comfortably on the latest Porsche 911 GT3. Control of the bass impact, harmonics and micro dynamics  improvements can be easily heard by anyone. Soundstage and three dimensionality become more life-like. 

This phenomenon seems to reflect closely the traditional Chinese Kung Fu first lesson; you must stand firmly on the ground before you can strike out powerful punch or kick. A good chassis is first prerequisite of good sounding, not audiophile components.

Imagine that Transformer, PCB, Amplification Chips, connectors, all mounted on the same chassis, can affect any components being mounted to chassis. Mediocre chassis can drag down the performance level of every components in most negative way. On the other hand good enclosure can help every for all the components to work in a synergy as vibration control and energy dissipation creates all the difference. Too often over dampened chassis resolve in a lifeless and boring sound. So there is no guarantee for a great sound with heavy and massive chassis. It always comes down to the right materials of proper density. Well partitioned internal structure can do the magic! 

Funjoe's determination on sound perfection pushes him on the continuing improvement path. This time he get it done right once again!"

Here is Clones' Audio Funjoe official comment:

"The reason why we always called the hi-end product as the art-piece because it is not just the pure theory on the electric circuit. It also marge with the experience on the selection on components and also some of the misty. Everyone known that the good audio device not just because it have the great circuit or luxury parts. The chassis design also as a very important part. Not just mean the product design. The scale of the chassis and the arrangement of the layout also effecting the performance. 

The mainly difference of the new chassis is the structure. I changed the way of the joints for the chassis. Completely re-design the shape of the side plate. The scale also changed to make the chassis longer 10mm than the old one. The type of the Aluminium also changed."