Goldmund and Wilson Audio extreme system impressions

Our Senior Contributing Editor Dato' Danon Han shares his impressions of the Goldmund and Wilson Audio based extreme system...

This may be one of the most extreme audio system in the nearby town of IPOH from my home state of Kuala Lumpur. It consists of the current flagship of electronics from Goldmund and loudspeakers from Wilson Audio.

There we played from simple vocal to jazz and finally some serious classical works. If you want some nimbleness, micro detail and transient, this system has them all. Then the obvious, with such powerful amplification from Goldmund, they can really swing the big band jazz and excite you with emotional slam from the grand orchestra. 

Some may feel that they need a bit more warm to the tone and others may want a certain more presence in the mid. This system is meant to present the musical content recorded in the silver disc and not color the sound to one's taste (which is not wrong in my book). Thus if you want to listen to the actual and (as) faithful representation (as can be) of the recorded music than this is your cup of tea (as some would call it).

I have a swell time with this system and the owner of this system has been a great host to all of us present...Thanks