Kaiser Kawero visit

It was really great to meet Rainer Weber and Hans-J├╝rgen Kaiser from Kaiser Kawero speakers. Both are experts in their fields, uber passionate about their work and truly committed to their inputs in this unique venture. 

Kaiser is a small, but very exclusive boutique, family owned business. Their work extends way beyond speaker making as they’re well renowned for the state of the art luxurious interior design projects with impressive portfolio, including bespoke interior design for airplanes, hotels, domestic solutions etc. All the know how about the exquisite finishes and  dealing with exotic woods is implemented into their impressive speaker creations.

We took some time to listen to Kasier Kawero distributor Elementare setup and then spend whole day, prolonged in the night discussing the future plans and elaborated about the high-end audio industry in general and where its heading….

Now, I need to unpack and install the Kaiser Kawero special version of Chiara speakers. This is something special with a grand cherry on top. Gimme a bit time and I’ll follow up with photos and exact description…