Kronos Pro turntable experience

Due some custom complications the dedicated phono preamplifier was stuck with customs, yet still small battery operated Nagra phono preamplifier was kicking it in a grand way.

I’ve finally had some time to talk to mastermind behind Kronos Pro turnable - Louis Desjardins. He’s an intriguing person with en enormous enthusiasm for ultimate analog playback. I never head small MBL floor-standers sounding as good as in this “modest” setup.

Kronos Pro brings something really special to vinyl reproduction  and its able to derive informations from black grooves in very different way. Louis played some non audiophile discs, revealing and encapsulating Kronos Pro mighty captivating potency. 

Kronos Sparta is coming at Mono and Stereo premises somewhere around May and I’m really excited to spend some quality time in my well known environment.