Nick Drake Pink Moon - Think Pink

Pink Moon is my own Desert Island disc…  and not only because it’s on… Island record label ;-).

I bought my first copy in mid-seventies, when I was working as a part-time salesman during summer, at a local disc shop… it was a shock and instant love. After Pink Moon I got Bryter Layter and the first one… but the naked beauty of Pink Moon remains shiny in my heart and discotheque. I only several years later the a.m. purchase realized I got a sought-after first, very early pressing of this seminal gem! Textured cover, palm tree label,  ILPS 9184-A/B-1U-matrix… the real thing.

The disc is in mint conditions as I always respected every disc in my collection and this one more than the others… The collector’s frenzy let me - some years ago – to also buy all three classic Nick Drake’s discs on 200 grams Japanese pressings, with OBI and everything at its place and… God forgive me… also the Swedish pressing in… pink colored wax.

The disc, I’ve been told, is a bootleg… a boots, a fake, unauthorized by the Nick Drake Estate… but… it’s such a lovely, cute disc.

The sound quality isn’t comparable to the first pressing, the real thing… reportedly, the above pink vinyl copy was mastered… from a CD! Also the super cool, exotic Japanese pressings of Pink Moon, Bryter Layter and Nick Drake

aren’t as good as the original English first pressings, also if sporting silky, smooth textured covers and all… simply the sound on the heavy weight discs is someway, yet slightly veiled and less airy than originals… but, nonetheless and everything considered, I love that pink vinyl Pink Moon disc.

Stefano Bertoncello