Pivetta Solar One and Power one ultimate off the grid system

Ultimate of the grid ultra high-end audio system? You might remember Pivetta massive amplifiers, but they are now bringing the trickle down version, that have a reasonable domestic appliance. Here is some preliminary info and as it seems I'll be getting my hands and ear on this ultra exotics soon...

Heirs of the Opera Only proud tradition, they still preserve all the sophisticated technology, but in prize and in size, it can finally be conceived as an excellent partner for a music playback of high quality and come into the more sophisticated listening rooms of the passionate lovers of the high-end. In fact, unlike the huge, exclusive and binding creations produced till now, “ SolarOne “ and “PowerOne” can safely reside in the living rooms of our homes!

In “SolarOne” the particular solar power supply is totally separate from the traditional power supply: in fact, the distribution network is one of the great problem because of the enormous amount of inconvenience which inevitably corrupt the integrity of music signal.

It is unique for its incredible reserve of power: its simplicity and its facility impulse will surely impress you. The attainment of the highest quality has always been our goal: with these products it is achieved not only in innovation, class, design and originality, but also in normal use by the sophisticated music lover.

“SolarOne“ is comes as completely unique amplifier. Solar Power Supply makes it absent from electromagnetic emissions. It uses 4 or 8 black solar panel cells. “PowerOne“ differs from all other audio amplifiers using a power supply with 4 phases that guarantees a durable system never seen before.

Technical specs

Power input    4/8 black solar panel cells(only solarone)
absent from electromagnetic emissions
Output Power                     2 x 300 watt RMS Class A
Connections                    12 speakON - 2 RCA - 2 XLR
Transistors                       40 high current bipolar
Aeronautic aluminium with NECE interference
Dimension and weight
Width x Height x Depth 600 x 980 x 270 mm
Weight 85Kg