Ultimate high-end audio soundbar?


Music enriches our lives unlike anything else. Appreciating it means letting it unfold – undiminished, in all nuances and details, in full grace and power. It was therefore about time that a sophisticated listening experience and a contemporary lifestyle became compatib- le. The solution to this is the new Lyravox® Stereomaster: as a fully integrated on-wall system it combines the capabilities of a full scale audio system with the aesthetics of an interior friendly audiopiece. Along that it transforms the complexity of modern audio streaming and networking into a simple, intuitive operation.


The Stereomaster is a serious piece of high end audio. Its speaker drivers are handmade in Denmark, stemming from the top ranges of leading specialist Scan Speak. These drivers are known as the decisive component of some of the world’s best sounding floorstanders. In the Stereomaster, every single of the 6-10 drivers employed is directly driven by its own 400 watts monobloc power amplifier (latest generation discrete Class D). This again is directly being fed by the central Three-Core-DSP with an individual frequency-, phase-, and time-aligned signal of highest purity, creating the ulti- mate digital-active speaker system. This holistic, Lyravox-developed approach is unmatched by any traditional HiFi rig. It brings three sonic advantages:

• the Stereomaster comes without the typical sonic bottlenecks like interconnect cabling, plugs, interfaces, conversion stages, and, most of all, passive crossovers,
• as they do not have to function as universal standalone units, all components within the Stereomaster can be fully matched to form a ‚perfect audio chain’,
• the all-digital speaker system of the Stereomaster allows time alignment by micro seconds, thus creating the most homoge- nous sound possible from a multiple driver system.


The digital processing within the Stereomaster also enables it to a whole new kind of sound projection which resembles the sonics of live music much better than the one-dimensional sound emission of traditional stereo speakers. Using auxiliary side drivers, the Stereomaster re-creates the diffuse field of a live musical performance (see gra- phic illustration). Another advantage of its multi-channel projection is a stable stereo perception throughout the whole listening room. The latter can literally be turned into a concert hall, as the power & dynamics headroom of every Stereomaster model allows for original concert sound pressure levels. For rooms larger than 50m2 it is recommended to choose a model with integrated sub-woofers (SM2-200 or larger).


The Stereomaster plays music directly from CD or from a USB- stick, within the home network (via LAN or WLAN) from music servers, NASes or other DLNA-enabled sources (including PCs, smartphones), and from internet sources (internet radio, selected premium services*). It can also be fed via Bluetooth streaming (high resolution aptX®). It processes all common types of audio files with resolutions up to studio-standard (HD 24/192). Cabled connections of external sources such as TVs, game consoles, record players etc. are possible via analog or digital inputs. All functions are remote controlled either with the Stereomaster’s RF remote control (with colour display) or with the Lyravox Remote App (available for iOS® and Android®). A group of Stereomasters can form a multiroom system, they will also integrate in most types of home automation networks.


The exterior of the Stereomaster SM2 is on par with its technical and musical brilliance: Scandinavian design meets German master craftmanship. All Stereomasters are individually handcrafted in Hamburg, using finest veneers, genuine piano finish and solid metal. The final polishing of the piano gloss takes our experienced piano finishers two full days. The result compares favourably with the ultra smooth finish the world reknown pianos from Hamburg are famous for. An unlimited choice of custom veneers and colours allows perfect interior matching as well as extensive individualization. So that the eye enjoys the same satisfaction as the ear.


The musical performance of the Lyravox Stereomaster can hardly be described, it has to be experienced. Our exclusive dealers will be happy to demonstrate it to you in a private audition. Please visit our website at www.lyravox.de to locate a dealer near you or to learn more about the numerous innovations of the Stereomaster range. Or feel free to contact us directly!