AEquo Ensis loudspeaker NEW

The Ensis loudspeaker fully embodies the Octagon philosophy. It is the product of over five years and many thousands of hours of research and design by the Aequo Audio engineering team. The result delivers qualities in high-end sound reproduction to satisfy even the most critical listeners. But most of all, it ensures long hours of listening pleasure, enchanting you with the music you like best. Any music.

Demonstrations of its capabilities have astounded high-end enthusiasts by its virtually unlimited low frequency response, soundstage, imaging, dynamics, precision, cleanliness, in any room and with a wide range of amplifiers.

Amplifier Matching

Easy to drive for all amplifiers: hybrid active system with 500W N-core powered subwoofer, 8 ohms nominal impedance and high sensitivity on the passive side. Your amplifier is relieved from subwoofer duty. Ideal ratio between resolution and damping in the midbass and matching tweeter is sound-compatible with virtually all amplifiers.

The full analog signal path without digital to analog or analog to digital conversion losses are ideal for those who like to keep conversion out of their system (using pure analog sources like phono and analog and pre-amplifiers or high sample rate/DSD sources).