Best USB high-end audio cable!?

Best USB high-end audio cable is no USB cable, right :). There were tons of discussions about the proper use and hubris of USB cables being used for feeding the DACs. There are options to deal with it and one of them is certainly the complete absence.

Yesterday, I’ve finally managed to set up the Totaldac with the new server upgrade. One of the most interesting features for me was the easy application of Roon ready protocol via ethernet. This pushes out the need for the USB connection from the computer and all you actually need is a router on which both Totaldac and computer shares the same network.

Installation was a breeze and Totaldac shows up in the audio setup as Roon ready device. Its not yet officially confirmed by Roon, but I had zero problems and instant lock on. Sound difference is quite a step up even after first few tracks being played. Stay tuned for more in due time, but I’m more then happy to see things are being pushed forward with digital audio. This is something I can say being of 21st century labeling. And no, I don't think that Roon is overpriced... For music lovers its a breeze and an inspiration. RoonReady is like a small revolution in digital audio...