Colibri Labs Electrum SE Signature speakers review preview

This is a short preview of the upcoming review of the NEW speakers from Colibri Labs - Colibri Labs Electrum SE Signature. I’ve already reviewed Electrum loudspeakers and their performance was really inspiring. They received Mono & Stereo Highly Recommended award for their unique ability to render music with massive, thunderous attacks and captivating sound performance. 

Siniša Kraljić is very intriguing person and one of the most recognized Shiatsu-Master with impressive clientele extending from who’s who in the Croatia’s musical world, entertainment business, sports and politics. He’s among the most determinate person I’ve had pleasure to meet and his positive energy radiates with unique and highly potent aura.

Colibri Labs was established in 2007 after the years of experimentations and research in ultra high-end audio concepts. Siniša managed to transfer his experiences from the healing and understanding of the energy transfer into his speakers and cables. On my last visit I’ve also had a chance to hear Guru Extreme of audio cables that are made from copper, silver and combination of gold/silver with special geometry and quite few unique design approaches. They are something special, but more about that in due time…

Colibri Labs Electrum SE Signature pushes the boundaries even further then the revised Electrum. It clearly took a lot of experimentations with materials and voicing of the speakers to design and finish these speakers. Result is above my expectations….

New Electrum SE Signature vividly reflects Siniša persona. Unaltered, pure energy transfer that goes beyond its size. They acts like a bigger three way floor stander speakers with the one of the kind ability to handle dynamic shifts. Due to the special construction of the speaker enclosures, that hides special modular compartments Electrum SE Signature acts like a fine tuned musical instruments that can handle thunderous attacks and minute changes with utmost ease. I like and love to play loud and push the gain to the max, especially with acoustical, live recorded music. Such projection of micro and marco dynamic is not easily handled by any usual dynamic speakers and Electrum SE Signature stands out by far. 

Each of the speaker is coated with twelve layers of special coating, that is used for the luxury boats and yachts. This process adds to the already rigid chassis and deals with the unwanted resonances in a highly controlled way. 

The review model is finished in beautiful black piano color that really gives a luxurious feeling and multiple layers of lacquer create a stand out effect.

I’ll reveal more details in the full upcoming review, but let me  lay down few words. I really didn’t expect such a performance shift from this upgraded version. Sonic performance puts Colibri Labs Electrum SE Signature speakers on the plane of much bigger there way floor-standers with sound being reproduced with the fanatical, dynamic extremes. This are by no means typical dynamic speakers. Period! 

The way they can transcribe the music and especially classical and acoustical recordings put these gems on the throne of big boys. Electrum SE Signature ability to render pure, raw musical energy was impressive to say politely. 

I was really inspired by Siniša’s collection of reference discs being used for the fine tuning and even more with the music selection, closely correlating with my taste. Each new speaker prototype must undergo painstaking listening test with more then 70 selected albums!

One of the instrument Siniša is using to test the high frequency
You can only assure the reality check with one and only true reference musical material and this is un-amplifed, acoustical instruments being recorded in natural spaces. All other produced attempts simply falls into the realms of unknown. Electrum SE Signature speakers can handle all the music, but especially with classical and acoustic music they acted more like a mixture of horns, ribbon, dipole and electrostatic speakers then typical dynamic speakers. Distinctly this Siniša’s creation expose both legendary and contemporary musical twist and manage to highlight the the almost forgotten art of discovering hidden elements in beloved music albums.

It was impossible not to get hooked by the sound and performance of Colibri Labs Electrum SE Signature speakers. From what I’ve been exposed they already ensured themselves the Mono & Stereo Upper Echelon Award with the one of the kind ability to render music with the grand portion of reality and especially with emotional impact that still linger with me.  

Electrum SE Signature radiates the positive energy exchange and points towards clear synergy between the Siniša Kraljić and his beloved creation. I’ve gave the pun intended remark how Electrum SE Signature vividly represents the man himself in a complete same way. Small, and of pure sumo force embraced with the timeless Zen wisdom :)…

Stay tuned for the full review coming in due time…

Matej Isak