Image Revelation 2 flagship speakers

At the heart of Revelation are state-of-the-art drivers that integrate perfectly to present a totally seamless top-to bottom sound source. Treble is reproduced by the Supreme 110 and the midrange driver is a true masterpiece in engineering and design, communicating so much information in such a natural manner that it readjusts expectations of musical reproduction. With relatively high midrange and treble efficiency, and because Revelation is primarily for larger rooms, two fast response bass drivers are used to match the speed and dynamics of the midrange, plus have the necessary cone area to maintain the overall frequency balance and bass extension. These are isolated from the midrange sub-enclosure and mounted in their own reflex loaded and rear ported compartment. Revelation2 is more than suitable for use in medium size rooms, but due to the efficiency and easy amplifier load it is the perfect loudspeaker and arguably better matched to larger listening rooms.

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System type: 3 – way, four speaker, bass reflex, rear ported
HF driver: Morel Supreme 110 28mm soft dome, matched pairs
Bass/mid driver: Morel 160mm carbon fibre/Rohancell composite
Bass driver: Two Peerless 210mm Nomex cone
Room response: 35Hz – 22kHz
Averaged sensitivity: 90dB/1 watt
Power rating: 200 watts
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
Crossover: 200Hz and 2600Hz